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Life Long Learning
Heritage Ranch works with students and teachers in schools in the Pacific Southwest. We have developed a dynamic, interactive teaching and learning methodology that we call FULL CIRCLE LEARNING.

Learners of all ages are working with Heritage Ranch on online research, field discovery, service learning, and self-published web, GIS mapping, energy efficiency, and field report projects. In partner schools, our technology-facilitated projects demonstrate a measuarable outcome that integrates classroom research / field study / community service / ed tech in a process we call the Full Circle Learning Network.

For life long learners, our workshop participants select motivating research topics and take great pride in preparing and sharing their work with their peers online. This distance learning format creates a challenging and rewarding classroom with out walls for all ages and abilities.

Full Circle Learning begins with online research

Then students circle out into the real world for guided field studies with a mentor

They gather data to add to their research reports that they will publish online back in the classroom

Students of all ages then create measurable online outcomes that complete their Full Circle of Learning

Teachers make new discoveries too!